Incident impacting Reckon Accounts SDK v6.1

To-date this remains an issue that has effected one developer partner only, so we are confident this was an isolated case and we can now consider this incident 'resolved'.

Status remaining
Fully Operational

To-date only one developer has been effected so we feel this is an isolated incident. We will continue to monitor for the next week or so and remove the incident case when appropriate.

Thank you to all of the developers who responded giving us the "all OK".

Status remaining
Fully Operational

Our recent release has introduced a response error in the qbXML for the new element <IsTaxIncluded>. If you see an error you need to be able to handle the existence of <IsTaxIncluded> in the Ret and know, that if it is set, the amounts are inclusive of any tax per the supplied tax code.

More information can be found at https://help.reckon.com/article/89vk30154k#support_for_gross_amount

Transactions affected:

• Journals

• Cheques

• Credit Cards (charge and credit)

Depending on how you currently handle the response, this may or may not affect your product. The products affected are:

• Reckon Accounts Desktop (NZ and AU) 2020 R1

• Reckon Accounts Hosted (NZ) 2020 R1

• Reckon Accounts Hosted (AU) 2020 R2 (due for release in late June)

Status changed to
Fully Operational
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